Invest in NFT Technology?

nft Sep 21, 2021

As the NFT enthusiasm continues apace, we're seeing a massive increase in the number of people asking how they can invest in NFT. Whether it's how to invest in NFT companies, invest in NFT stocks, or invest in NFTs themselves, there is an enthusiasm we've never seen before.

Digital collectibles are certainly exciting. New technologies always have boom-and-bust cycles, and this will be no exception. If you're interested in digital collectibles for the sake of ownership itself, then you don't have to worry about pricing. If you're interested in them as an investment strategy, there is substantial opportunity here as well, but you need to be conscious of the risks.

Another way to invest in this trend, if you're an accredited investor, is by investing in companies that are building the platforms for minting these tokens and bringing these assets online.

Finally: digital collectibles are exciting, but these tokens can work in the "real world" too! NFTs don't care if the collectible they're attached to is digital or physical. There is absolutely massive potential to extend these tokens to the fractional ownership of real-world assets.

Imagine the potential for museums to offer shares in their collections, raising cash for operations without parting with their treasures. Consider also the new pathways this would provide for art enthusiasts to engage in patronage. If you could buy a share of a real Van Gogh, or the real Batmobile, would you? Many will!


[Photo: Ståle Grut via Unsplash.]


Anthony Citrano

Anthony is founder & CEO of Acquicent. He previously was VP Communications and Chief Evangelist of Verizon's digital unit. Before that, he was VP Communications at EdgeCast Networks.

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