Invest in verified authentic real-world collectibles with NFTs.

Issue NFTs to sell shares in your collectibles.

What We Do

We make investing in collectibles simple while providing owners with liquidity.

Trillions of dollars are locked up in real-world collectibles including classic cars, fine art, sports collectibles, and much more. Yet this highly performant asset class is completely out of reach for the vast majority of investors.

We issue non-fungible tokens ("NFTs") that tokenize bona fide ownership in authentic real-world collectibles. This gives liquidity to asset owners, collectors, and creators while enabling the general public to buy, sell, and trade them. Our goal is to make investing in collectibles as easy as buying shares of stock, and to improve liquidity for owners of rare collectibles.

Recent excitement around NFTs has demonstrated the great potential of tokenization. It has also demonstrated that building sustainable token markets for collectibles will require addressing the same issues that physical collectibles have dealt with for centuries, such as verifying authenticity and provenance.

We currently plan two launches:

Relic NFTs

Our Relic Tokens are hybrid tokens that bridge the digital and physical worlds. These tokens are issued alongside limited-edition real-world collectibles, and serve as certificates of authenticity for a real-world object we deliver to the purchaser. They have all the traditional characteristics and digital features of NFTs, but are only issued in conjunction with a physical collectible (for example, a limited-edition, hand-signed lithograph) delivered to the purchaser.

Stake NFTs

Our Stake Tokens will confer legal ownership of tokenized shares in real-world collectibles that are held in secure, authenticated collections.

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Our Team

  • Anthony Citrano CEO & Founder

    Anthony Citrano


    VP Communications, Verizon

    VP Mktg & Comm, EdgeCast

    Co-Founder, fama PR

    Chief technology advisor, Gov. Angus King

  • Ben Widhelm CTO

    Ben Widhelm


    CTO, iWin (Universal)

    CTO, Burstly (Apple)

    SVP, Millennial Media (Verizon)

    Technical Co-Founder, CREXi

  • Clark Landry EVP, CorpDev

    Clark Landry


    Investor in 150+ private companies

    Co-Founder of six companies, all exited

    Co-Founder, Shift

    Founding Investor, CREXi

  • Kevin Conroy Advisor & Investor

    Kevin Conroy


    Director, Sotheby's

    President of Digital, MGM

    Chief Strategy Officer, Univision

    EVP & COO, AOL


  • Ryan Fugger Advisor & Investor

    Ryan Fugger


    Inventor of Ripple ($XRP)

    Digital Currency Pioneer


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