Invest in museum-grade collectibles as easily as buying shares of stock.

Unlock liquidity from vintage asset collections – without selling them.

What We Do

We tokenize rare assets such as collectible cars and artwork, bringing liquidity to asset owners while enabling casual investors to buy shares in those assets.

In the western world alone, $10 trillion is locked up in unique collectibles such as vintage cars, fine art, and other rare items. Our platform gives owners of these assets access to liquidity while opening the market to the everyday investor.

Traditionally, accessing liquidity in treasure assets required selling the asset or engaging in a long and cumbersome secured lending process. Our platform enables rare collectibles to be fractionally bought, sold, and traded, giving owners access to liquidity while retaining custody, control, and majority ownership.

Rare collectibles have historically been far out of reach for most investors. With Acquicent, almost everyone can invest in these assets.

Close up of a vintage car dashboard.

Our Team

  • Anthony Citrano CEO & Founder

    Anthony Citrano


    VP Communications, Verizon

    VP Mktg & Comm, EdgeCast

    Co-Founder, fama PR

    Chief technology advisor, Gov. Angus King

  • Richard Buckingham Tech Lead

    Richard Buckingham


    VP Technology, AOL

    VP Technology, Gravity

    VP TechOps & Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard

    VP TechOps, MySpace


  • Lore Sjöberg Lead Developer

    Lore Sjöberg


    Full stack developer with 25+ years experience.

    Veteran of Netscape, SGI, Notebleu.

  • Kevin Conroy Advisor

    Kevin Conroy

    Director, Sotheby's

    President of Digital, MGM

    Chief Strategy Officer, Univision

    EVP & COO, AOL

  • Ryan Fugger Advisor

    Ryan Fugger

    Inventor of Ripple; digital currency pioneer.

  • Ali Haeri Advisor

    Ali Haeri

    VP Marketing, Steelhouse; veteran Symantec, Verizon, EdgeCast.

  • Peter Murray Advisor

    Peter Murray

    CEO, DAVO; veteran Quantrix, NEIS, NeXT.

Close up on a vintage car's dashboard.


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