Buy, sell, and trade verified authentic NFTs.

Extend your brand and reach by issuing NFTs.

What We Do

We make minting, buying, and selling digital collectibles simple while providing creatives, collectors, and brands with new sources of revenue.

Trillions of dollars of untapped potential is locked up in iconic brands, athletes, celebrities, artists, and other creators.

Anyone with an audience can convert their brand equity into revenue by offering fans, patrons, and enthusiasts entirely new types of experiential and participatory ownership. Our goal is to make issuing and trading authentic NFTs easy - no blockchain knowledge required.

Recent excitement around NFTs has demonstrated the great potential of tokenization. It has also demonstrated that building sustainable NFT markets will require addressing the fundamental issues of trust that real-world collectibles have dealt with for centuries, such as verification, authenticity, provenance, and scarcity. These ideas are central to our mission.

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NFT metaphor - by Asterisk Kwon from Unsplash.

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Our Team

  • Anthony Citrano CEO & Founder

    Anthony Citrano


    VP Communications, Verizon

    VP Mktg & Comm, EdgeCast

    Co-Founder, fama PR

    Chief technology advisor, Gov. Angus King

  • Ben Widhelm CTO

    Ben Widhelm


    CTO, iWin (Universal)

    CTO, Burstly (Apple)

    SVP, Millennial Media (Verizon)

    Technical Co-Founder, CREXi

  • Clark Landry EVP, CorpDev

    Clark Landry


    Investor in 150+ private companies

    Co-Founder of six companies, all exited

    Co-Founder, Shift

    Founding Investor, CREXi

  • Robert York Business Development

    Robert York


    Head of Sales, Versus

    Sponsorship Lead, eSports Advisors

    SVP BizDev, Monster Digital

    Sponsorship Lead, Lotus F1 Team

  • Kevin Conroy Advisor & Investor

    Kevin Conroy


    Director, Sotheby's

    President of Digital, MGM

    Chief Strategy Officer, Univision

    EVP & COO, AOL


  • Ryan Fugger Advisor & Investor

    Ryan Fugger


    Inventor of Ripple ($XRP)

    Digital Currency Pioneer


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