Alternative Investments: Collectible Cars in High Demand

cars Jan 24, 2020

When people think of alternative investments many different things come to mind. America's love affair with cars means that for many in the US, one of the most popular collectibles is the classic automobile.

But, what cars are - or are expected to be - in high demand in 2020? In this series we'll take a look at a few.

The Ferrari 360

A yellow Ferrari 360 coupe
A Ferrari 360 coupe by Guillaume Vachey. Source.

Manufactured from 1999-2004, this incredible mid-engine, rear-wheel drive two seater is seeing an uptick in demand, undoubtedly from those who feel they missed out on this piece of automotive perfection when it was released 20 years ago. Ferrari isn't making any more of these, they're well through their depreciation curve, and with high demand they'll continue to rise.

“You don’t take a seat in this machine. You snap into its socket, and the juice zaps through your body.” –Patrick Bedard, Car and Driver

Whether you're the collecting type or just seeking a way to diversify your investment portfolio, the 360 is a promising piece of Italian motorsport history.

[The 360s are] gaining more of a reputation as an enthusiast or collectible car rather than a used exotic. The design has aged well and looks elegant in a way a lot of cars from that era don’t. – Hagerty

BMW 3.0CSL (early 1970s)

BMW 3.0 CSL by nakhon100. Source.

An iconic BMW in every way - visually, spiritually, and historically - only 750 of these were built during the entire 1971–1975 period! These cars have already seen substantial increases in value in the last few years and are poised to go much higher. We saw a gorgeous Turkis blue specimen sell for $85,000 about three months ago. Concours specimens will easily be in the $200,000 range with room to grow.

Stay tuned for the next piece in our series on high demand collectible cars.

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